E is for Enjoyment.
'Without it we can't get genuine results.'
Typography originally designed for De Hallen Haarlem, identity, 2007–ongoing.
Silkscreen on paper, 72 X 102 cm. Edition of 45. Euro 75,00.
For the contemporary art museum De Hallen Haarlem the representation of the diversity of the exhibitions and the artists are most important. By creating an intervention (cutting into existing letterforms) we can use a different typeface for every artist to emphasize the personal character of the solo-show and to visually connect them with the museum. The identity of De Hallen Haarlem is now recognizable into its smallest detail (typography) and at same time we have the ultimate freedom to play around with every new item we design.

ABC Primer – Rainbow Series
26 silkscreened posters (A–Z),
size 72 X 102 cm in different print runs, in a total of 900 posters.
Prices according to quantity.

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